Along the North Shore of Molokai from Kalaupapa
to Halawa are the world's highest sea-cliffs.

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Molokai, often referred to, as the "Friendly Island" is the most laid back island in all Hawaii. If you are looking for five star hotels with fancy restaurants then Molokai is not the place for you. If fact, Molokai is so laid back the tallest building is no taller than a palm tree. There are no traffic lights, shopping malls or nightclubs, just friendly locals that make up about 50% of Molokai's population. There are only a hand full of stores and shops on the island. Going to Molokai is like taking a turn off the beaten path and finding yourself in a place that may have existed 50 years ago. The Hawaiian's like it that way, and if you go to Molokai, you'll likely agree it should stay that way. Plan to spend a few days on Molokai. Why? Because on Molokai, life slows down a notch and there is no need for hurry. Things happen when they happen and if they don't, well that's okay too. Life is laid back on Molokai, so why hurry when you can relax. Legend has it that Molokai is the birthplace of Hula.

Castle Molokai Shores

Located on Moloka`i's south shore in the town of Kaunakaki, the Molokai Shores spacious one or two-bedroom ocean view and oceanfront suites feature full kitchens and lanais.

Castle Molokai Shores, Molokai
Hotel Molokai

Aqua Hotel Molokai is the nostalgic "Hawaiian Hideaway." Polynesian style accommodations include a full-service restaurant and lounge featuring Hawaiian entertainment.

Hotel Molokai

Places Of Interest:
  • Moloka'i Ka Hula Piko
    May 30 - June 1
  • Papohaku Beach
    Molokai's longest beach.
  • Kalaupapa Peninsula
    Take a Mule Ride on Molokai.
  • Play Golf
    Yes, golf on Molokai.
  • RW Meyer Sugar Mill Museum
    Built in 1878.

Sea cliffs at Kalaupapa on Molokai, Hawaii. The sea cliffs of Molokai are the highest in the world. Photo credit, Thad Zajdowicz
Sea cliffs at Kalaupapa on Molokai, Hawaii. The highest sea cliffs in the world. Photo by Thad Z.
Molokai Highlights:
  • Waikolu Lookout
    Great view into Waikolu Valley.
  • Dixie Maru Beach
    Golden sand beach.
  • Kalaupapa to Halawa
    World's highest sea cliffs.
  • Scuba Dive
    Hawaii's longest barrier reef.
  • Other Highlights
    Whale watching, fishing, more.

Places Of Interest & Molokai Highlights.
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